Coming Home

23 10 2011

Friday night Cason and I met the team at the airport promptly at 8:46.  They were exhausted but in good spirits.  I think each one of them would like to go back sometime soon.

We had a helper as we headed out. 

Don’t call CPS that suitcase was actually empty.  See, the church collected a bunch of Halloween and fall items to send over to the Gerecke’s so they can host families in their home all through the fall.  Everything took up 2 large suitcases that were included in their checked baggage. 

They got to Lisbon and the luggage and the team would not all fit in the Gerecke’s car for the trip to Coimbra so they left the 2 suitcases with decorations behind to pick up when they returned to Lisbon a week later.  When they picked them up and emptied all the items into Cristi’s car and then tried to figure out what to do with 2 large empty suitcases.  Kim was able to put her full suitcase inside one of them but there was no more consolidating that could be done so mike dumped half his stuff into it and flew home with two half full suitcases.  You do what you have to do. 

Anyways, back to the picture.  Cason was pulling an empty suitcase.  The people staring at us at the airport didn’t know that though.  I kept telling him to hurry up and he kept saying “it’s heavy” in a sad voice.  I got some strange looks.


More pictures

23 10 2011

I’m testing posting from my phone so we will see how this goes.

Typical street in Portugal. Tiled with shops and cafe’s all along the sides.

This is in the Gerecks apartment. On the glass doors they would write the families they were taking pictures of so they could pray for them.

Here is Chris hard at work with a family. Don’t you wish we had beautiful places like this to take pictures of?!

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A few more updates

23 10 2011

Here is the team in Lisbon on their last day. They are touring a castle that may or may not have been on the bachelorette. I don’t quite have the story straight. This was the last day- do they look tired?

Touring ancient roman ruins. They have been partially uncovered and as an architectural history professor I can’t tell you how exciting this is. I’m not sure if Chris fully appreciates it.

This is the hotel they stayed in. I hear the rooms were super small but all they did there was sleep so it didn’t matter.

I believe this is one of the first days and it looks like Rene is shooting one of the other missionary families and Kim and Cristi are trying to get them to smile.

This is a cathedral they toured. Beautiful! It looks like early gothic. Notice the beautiful rib vaulting.

Chris is working hard on another photoshoot.

Resting before (or after) a shoot.

The group stopped by a pottery place on their way back from Lisbon. All the pottery was made in Portugal and the prices are amazing. Chris really wanted this piece but it wouldn’t fit in the luggage. This is his sad face.

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Test Picture

22 10 2011

Finally, Some Pictures

22 10 2011

Ugh!  I just posted a bunch of pictures and this is all that showed up!  I’ll work on this again tomorrow.   



 Hopefully more tomorrow when I have more patience with the pictures… or a faster wifi. 

Portugal- Half Way!

18 10 2011

They are 1/2 way through the trip although I’m not sure if that’s good news or bad- I’m not sure they are going to want to come home!

They had 15 photoshoots on Sunday!  That’s a bunch in addition to the ones on Friday and Saturday.  They have spent the majority of their time Monday and Tuesday editing photographs.  By Tuesday evening they were all finishing up the editing and burning cd’s for each family.  Tomorrow night  (Wednesday) is a party for all the families where they will receive a CD of their photographs and a free print of one of the pictures. 

They took some time to go see the sights this afternoon which included some Roman ruins.  Amazing!

Here’s an update that went out to the church:


They are having an awesome response from families participating in the free family portrait sessions.  The Gerecke’s are having great initial and follow-up conversations with the families there.  Thirty neighborhood and school families have participated and others will be participating on Tuesday.  The Portuguese families are inquiring as to why photographers would come and invest time and resources in people they do not know.  Of course this leads to expressions of love for people, even people we do not know.  The Gerecke’s already have additional events planned to reconnect with the families and to connect the families with one another.

Pray that the FBCC team remains healthy and energized as these are the days where initial excitement and energy begins to fade and time zone change begins to wear on the body.  The team appreciates the prayers that are being offered on their behalf.

Picture above was taken by Kim, one of the photographers on the trip of one of the children of the missionaries.  Last night they babysat the kiddos (3 kids with 4 babysitters- doesn’t sound like much of a challenge) while Cristi and Michael could go on a date.  I think they put the kids to work editing photos.



This is a view of the city.  I don’t know anything about it except I pulled it from Chris’s facebook.  It’s possible it was taken from his camera.  It’s also possible it was taken from his phone.  Either way, it looks pretty there!

Another view of the city.  This time from Mike’s facebook.  No idea where but it’s beautiful.  As a side note- I read this city has some great examples of Romanesque architecture.  If you want to know what that means you should take my Architectural History class!

Here is a special treat they found.  It’s not available in the United States (as far as I know) and I’m pretty sure I know why.  It was a group divided- half of them liked it and half hated it.  Please leave a comment here if you would like Chris to bring a bag back for you.


I’ll post more when I know more!

Saturday Update

15 10 2011

Here’s an update from Chris:

So day 2 down…
Shot 5 fams yesterday
and 3 today…
Mike and I went to an English class with Mike G. this evening. Lots of fun.
Making this email short because I am so Tired….
Here is a family I shot today!!!

I talked to the boys again today and they are doing well.  They took a tour of the college and said it was beautiful (and old).  Last night Chris and Mike went with missionary Michael to a coffee shop where Michael meets with college students to practice english.  Sunday is another busy day of photographing.  Most of their free time is spent editing the photos they took- in fact, Mike gave me a “tour” of the Gerecke’s apartment via skpye and the photographers were all too busy editing to chat.  They have more photographs to do tomorrow

That’s all I remember right now.  Hopefully there will be another update tomorrow!